Friday, November 20, 2009

what a few extra hairs can do.

Natalia decided that wearing a moustache for a month will help you meet more people in a new city than you would in a year without a mo. hence, "what a few extra hairs can do"

Woman in store:
"(your moustache) makes my skin crawl!"
"itsn't it kinnda gross?"
Natalia: "yeah, i'm growing my armpit hair, but you can't see it"
woman: "where do you get fake moustaches?"
Natalia: "at a fake moustache store!" ..duh

They have candy moustaches at Candyality. you'll want to eat it right off this random woman's face :p

The woman at the hair straightening stand in the mall, couldn't keep her hands off my moustache. she even asked if she can curl it for me. hehe
hair woman: "YOU LOOK LIKE BORAT!"

The turkish people in the lego store were very intrigued.

and lego store man loooooooved it. go lego man!

Natalia created lego-molauren and lego-stella

This is Tyson. he is a mobro from rockit!!!!!

The lego family. :)

the licorice pipe family! :D

John's caption.. "come hither and give me a kiss"

more comments: "whoa! too much testosterone?"
bus driver: "thank you seƱor"