Friday, December 4, 2009

Congratulations Mustache Ride!

Congratulations to Michael Starcevich and Tony Rogers for their music video, Moustache Ride, winning the music video of the midwest award! They created this to promote Movember... it inspired me to join; maybe it will inspire you guys to do it next year! :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thank you everyone who has supported my MoGro. Tomorrow is the last day of movember... meaning last day to DONATE!! :)

Mo Mo Mo Holiday Season

Sanibel Island of moustacios

Dancing with the stars

Double mo-time on the airplano!

The 3 y/o, Drew, who wanted to grow up. So i helped him out with a fancy upside-down mo of his own :)

Mom & moustache dad. This is the more than the most most facial hair he has ever had, his whole life, stored up and glued together.

We can clearly see who the manliest of the Paat children are.

Brian is not as scared of my face after getting used to it for a whole month.

Grandma did NOT want my facial hair by her. But I prevailed!

This is Bob. He is awesome. AND from Chicago. go Bob!

I'm taking the moustache out to a play tonight.

Don't be fooled... my family IS very embarrassed to be associated with me.

Mom & molauren

The 3 manly Paat kids... I AM the oldest, my moustache just accentuates my elderly status.

Monday, November 23, 2009

mo in FL

Chick-fil-A man has a nice mo. does santa!
My cute cousins & me. Lindsay is the youngest grandchild, and her stache has grayed faster than any other.
I've been looking for a moustache to braid all month.
Lindsay and porky and lauren and moustache.
marker mustachios. Theirs came off prematurely... i still can't get mine off. :(
Madison & Mo
The priest on the island. I embarrassed my grandma by wearing a mo to church. sorry grandma...
My dad is very supportive of the facial hair growing.
My stache seems to be getting bigger...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

people with moustaches can do anything. get over 200 points in a scavenger hunt!!

the killer moustache.

This is the killer moustache.

I was sitting at my desk, when my moustache practically jumped down my throat.

..making me choke for ages.

stupid moustache.

Friday, November 20, 2009

what a few extra hairs can do.

Natalia decided that wearing a moustache for a month will help you meet more people in a new city than you would in a year without a mo. hence, "what a few extra hairs can do"

Woman in store:
"(your moustache) makes my skin crawl!"
"itsn't it kinnda gross?"
Natalia: "yeah, i'm growing my armpit hair, but you can't see it"
woman: "where do you get fake moustaches?"
Natalia: "at a fake moustache store!" ..duh

They have candy moustaches at Candyality. you'll want to eat it right off this random woman's face :p

The woman at the hair straightening stand in the mall, couldn't keep her hands off my moustache. she even asked if she can curl it for me. hehe
hair woman: "YOU LOOK LIKE BORAT!"

The turkish people in the lego store were very intrigued.

and lego store man loooooooved it. go lego man!

Natalia created lego-molauren and lego-stella

This is Tyson. he is a mobro from rockit!!!!!

The lego family. :)

the licorice pipe family! :D

John's caption.. "come hither and give me a kiss"

more comments: "whoa! too much testosterone?"
bus driver: "thank you seƱor"