Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time for a mo trim.

At brunch today, everyone kept looking at me, but only a teeny tiny few ppl said anything or even smiled. what a bummer. It made me feel like i need to wear a movember shirt or something. So as i was waiting to be seated, i was thinking that 7/8 of all ppl who see me, just think i'm some funny and weird girl with facial hair. What else should i do to make the moustache make a connection with movember for ppl who don't actually get to speak with me? I will think on this. Let me know if you have any ideas other than just wearing it on my shirt.
On the brighter side, today I gave out Movember sticker moustaches to so many ppl who asked about my stache!! It seemed like this sunday was filled with more curious ppl than most other days. Jessa and I counted the cars of ppl who stared at the stache while walking down the street... about 15 in a row. If i cause a car accident, this project's over.

The waiters at Nookies Tree restaraunt were very supporters of movember.

My FIRST moustache trim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scary.....

Sweet Movember supporter on the train.

Kevin's moustache photoshoot. Maybe more pics of this to come. let's hope :D