Saturday, November 14, 2009

ppl with moustaches have all the fun

The woman at Floyds has an AWESOME mo tattoo on her finger!!! - thanks for your donation!!!

All the dogs love the moustache :D What a beautiful day.

The first thing ppl notice is the cute dog. Then they see the caterpillar on my face.

The Adidas store on Rush were all mo supporters!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

And in the Adidas store... i found the FIRST person outside of Burnett who knew about MOVEMBER! Go random person!!
Ms. Thompson is sporting a stylish MOVEMBER stache. :)
Jessa joined me for the day with a fuzzy face too! The funniest thing happened.. At the Adidas store, Jessa and I were talking to the staff about Movember. Then another guy comes up behind us and was so relieved to hear that jessas stache was fake. Apparently, from the second floor, it looked overly real. HA!

There were so many Mo supporters tonight!! Look at those enthusiastic ppl at Trader Joes!

And to top off the night, I got to meet Elvis. wow i'm lucky! So it seems, the moral of today is that ppl with moustaches have all the fun.

"very nice. how much?" ... just one of many things ppl yelled at me tonight. It was hilarious.