Thursday, November 12, 2009

the mo house

tonight, i went to la casa de Havemann.
They are the smartest, cutest family... and they all happen to wear moustaches! wears one :)

the cute 9 year old wears one (and he has borrowed one to wear it to school tomorrow!!! He said, "if anyone asks why, i'm going to tell them it's for movember" HOW COOL!!)

...The smart videographer sports a lego stache...

..even the lego men have them!!!!

and the pinnacle of the night, not only does the lady of the house sport a nice thick mo... BUT HER HUSBAND STILL KISSES HER WITH IT ON!!! That is commitment there!!! (ahem... brian...)


the spelling of mo

how do you spell moustache?
how do you spell mustache?
which is correct?

mo work

Dan the man has been growing a blonde moustache. "black haired ppl are so lucky" says dan the man. So today is MASCARA DAY... we turned Dan's bondie into a blackie :)

As a parent, you know you're doing a good job raising your kids when they start to imitate the awesome things you try to do yourself. As a movember fundraiser person, you know you're doing good, not by the money you raise, but by how many other girls you can get to wear moustaches in public. THANK YOU FOR THE GRAPE FLAVORED WAX MOUSTACHE!!! It's the best gift i could ask for in this month :)

There was a giant dog on state street who was really interested in my moustache. Looking back at it, i should have given him one to complete his ensemble. drat. next time.

Waiting for the train, a little boy said to me, "you're rockin that moustache!" ..thank you young man. :D Also while waiting for the train, i turned around and there was a teenage girls face in my face. Then she said (rather loudly) to her friend, "that's not real!!!" It was really funny, and i didn't mind. But what if it had been real???