Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a moustache brings a thousand smiles

as a girl wearing a moustache, i have many things to say...

Mustaches are sooooo itchy!

Older women keep staring at me and not laughing or smiling, their stare basically says "why are you disrupting society?"

People keep pointing to their own upper lip as we pass. Many of them even add the caption "do you know you have something here?" duh.

People on the street have replaced asking me for money, with a giant grin :)

When a gym says that they don't judge you... IT'S SO TRUE!! while taking a class at the gym today, nobody stared, laughed or even flinched that i was wearing a big furry pink thing on my face. awesome.

Wearing this thing makes me eat differently. I had an apple this evening, and i had to eat it with my bottom teeth b/c eating it normally interfered with my moustache. and on that note... moustaches are so dirty!! every time i eat, i have to wipe off the bottom of my 'stache. i know it has the nickname 'flavor savor' but i vote EEEEWWWW.
The nurses at the doctors office loved the pink moustache :)

I was ordering a bagel, and the woman waited until i was paying to say, "do you know you have something on your face?" wow. maybe b/c it's pink. Yesterday i was a little sad after so many ppl pointed and laughed at me, but now i'm ok. I counteract their pointing with a smile and a wave. works great.
see you tomorrow! and don't forget to support the cause and donate! http://us.movember.com/mospace/304780
thank you.

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